“Ciao Ghalikom” poster exhibition by Magda Azab (runs till the 22nd of june)


a poster exhibition by Magda Azab
SOLO vinyl&books, Msida

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Magda Azab is half Italian, half Egyptian, and yet she has made Malta her home.
Ciao Ghalikom is the title of Magda Azab’s first solo show in Malta, where she will be presenting a series of 11 new works at Solo Vinyl and Books, beginning of June.
She chose these two simple words – which can be translated into, Hello There – because together, they constitute one of the most common Maltese greetings, as well as one of the first sentences she heard on moving to the Islands.
The intermingling of Italian and Arabic words and sounds established an immediate link with her background and origins; it gave her a sense of familiarity which all at once made her feel at home. So much so, that this greeting has come to symbolise her connection to the island, and for this reason, it seemed like the most fitting title for this series of work, which celebrates what she now calls her second home.

Magda’s work is, in fact, a celebration on many levels: she illustrates those elements or details which characterise this island, and which make everyday life in Malta, special. Her work illustrates anything from folklore and traditions, to the island’s flora and fauna; from the shops and architecture, to the different seasons.

She develops her work through three stages: first by note-taking and photographic research, then by translating those images into pencil drawings, and lastly by transferring her work onto her computer and digitalising her illustrations. Magda uses an extensive palette of often bright and captivating colours, which allow her works to pop and stand out. Her style, which can be defined as hard-edge, is unmistakeable; she uses geometrical elements and shapes, effortlessly, and her work often becomes a medium through which she comments and reacts to the happenings around her; the message always being simple, clear, yet strong and to the point.

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Magda Azab (bio)
Magda Azab is a freelance illustrator who’s superpower is to create images that simultaneously capture one’s attention, impart information, and express complex ideas in her uniquely geometrical, humorous and simple illustrative style.
When she’s not scribbling, sketching or working on her computer, she loves taking care of her beloved plants, cooking and eating good food and enjoying the island life in Malta, where I decided to live with her family and her super dachshund Zaky.
Her clients include Mondadori, The Daily Telegraph, La Stampa and Endless Vacation Magazine.