Corpus Adflictum. The new solo exhibit of Aaron Bezzina at Valletta Contemporary


Aaron Bezzina

Corpus Adflictum
Curated by Ann Laenen and Stefan Kolgen
1 November – 4 December 2019

Valletta Contemporary

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The new solo exhibit at VC is extremely deeper and conceptual. Visitor are into an act of voluntary harm and bodily sacrifice, connected to our today’s society in which seems to be acceptable and normal to display and advertise the perfect body and its modifications at the cost of self-infliction and mental instability.

Aaron Bezzina offers a choice to engage with the apparatuses or not. It is at your own risk and/or pleasure to involve yourself with the mental picture of the machine.

Guillotine, tongue’s vise, fingers trap are conneccted to our superficial and apprently perfect life that try to hide life’s struggle.

CORPUS [Latin, noun, body, matter, substance, corps, flesh, physique, form]
ADFLICTUM [Latin, adjective, afflict, crush, damage, ruin]

Corpus Adflictum, 2019, Aaron Bezzina

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