Mapping the islands – Art Institutions

Valletta 2018 Foundation is the body responsible for preparations to be carried out, for Valletta’s journey towards the year 2018 when it will host the title of European Capital of Culture. The Foundation is made up of the Inter-Ministerial Commission for the European Capital of Culture, the Chamber of Commerce, the University of Malta, the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts, Valletta Local Council and the Association of Local Councils, which form its Board of Governors and guide the operations of its young and dynamic team.

Spazju Kreattiv At St James Cavalier – This historical building in Valletta has been home to the Spazju Kreattiv since 2000. This cultural hub, run by the Fondazzjoni Kreattività strives to stimulate the exchange of ideas, build cultural identity and – crucially – reach out to the community with a boundary-testing programme of exhibitions and projects.

VIVA – Valletta International Visual Arts Festival offers professional education in the sector while promoting and encouraging public participation in the arts. It also aims to boost growth in the local cultural scene in an international context, while developing a unique platform for contemporary art in Malta.

Arts Council Malta central task is that of effectively funding, supporting and promoting the cultural and creative sectors in Malta. The Council manages a funding portfolio for the cultural and creative sectors through its national funding programmes. It has also recently published its five-year national strategy for the arts based on five strategic focal points, which include internationalisation and business development as well as research, education and training and diversity and communities.

The Malta Society of Arts was established in 1852, and is Malta’s oldest institution for the promotion of the arts and crafts The MSA is considered by many to be an educational and cultural catalyst on the Island. Its 164-year history, in fact, is intertwined with that of many great Maltese and Gozitan artists who were sponsored through exhibitions or grants to further their artistic studies both locally and abroad.