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MICAS 2021: will Malta make it on the contemporary art map?

The new future Museum of Contemporary Art in Malta

Launched as a concept last October 2018 and due to open in 2021, the Malta International Contemporary Art Space, MICAS, has already made a big splash on on the international art word.

The launch included an exhibition and series of talks in the cultural and architect fields.

Based in Ospizio, the historical fortification of the San Salvatore Bastions in Floriana, the MICAS’s art Director Ruth Bianco, said it aimed to give space to the local artists and to create relationship and partnerships with international institutions.

Not only an exhibition space, but also will be presentes to the public educational events, public lectures, cultural activities. Malta probably will be put on the actual map of contemporary art word system and still continuing to be an attraction after the big passed chance of Valletta 2018.

Current Exhibit on site: Ugo Rondinone till 31st March 2019

MICAS rendering 2 Ph. Ipos Studio Arch.

MICAS rendering Ph. Ipos Studio Arch.

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