Nadine Baldow

Nadine Baldow at Valletta Contemporary: 1 March – 5 April, 2019

1st March– 5th April2019

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– Opening Friday 1st March 2019 7.30pm –

On March 1st, Valletta Contemporary art gallery inaugurates Nadine Baldow’s personal exhibition Pristine Paradise.

What relationship exists between mankind and nature? The artist considers these two parts as divergent positions rather than as a unit. In that context, Baldow analyzes the development of the recent past, in which man seems to be driven to spread out more and more, and to optimize the living space in a dominant way and on their own terms.
Nature also owns a tremendous expansive power – if the human being has no active influence anymore or is leaving an environment completely, nature occupies its space immediately. In Baldow’s scenarios, foreign organisms occupy everyday-objects of the human being. The sculptures, consisting of fridges, washing-machines and cooking facilities, are occupied by a very artificial kind of nature, a fungus-like organism, which deforms, overruns and corrodes the object itself.Therefore, the artist does not reproduce natural growth habits. Instead, bilious green, deep black, shocking pink and pastel blue shapes, sprayed by the polyurethane-foam are dwelling out of the objects and crack them up. What is nature for us?

Baldow is a visual artist working mainly with site- specific installations. She studied with Eberhard Bosslet, who exhibited at VC in 2018. Baldow’s work predominantly addresses the relationship between humankind and nature, and their ongoing impact on each other.

She has also produced several public space interventions in Panjim, Dresden, and Görlitz; and has exhibited her work in Switzerland, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, and India, as artist-in-residency. Her work has been shown at the Contemporary Art Week, Delhi; the International Exhibition for Contemporary Art, Ostrale; the Red Base Foundation, Yogyakarta; and the ArtFair Düsseldorf.


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Marked Sheep, 2017


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