Ryan Falzon solo show. Quick Fix: a morality tale

Ryan Falzon’s latest exhibition consists of a series of 14 lino prints

Quick Fix: a morality tale is exactly what it says it is – a journey through 14 lino prints in the manner of the 14th century allegorical dramas, illustrating the rise and fall of a character, perversely referred to as the ‘hero’. As in Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress, we progress from laid back fortune to violent apex and then down to a pathetic denouement. Ryan Falzon appropriates recognizable elements of local popular culture and subverts them to challenge notions of identity, belonging and alienation.

Ryan Falzon art for the solo show "Quick Fix: a morality tale", curated by Michael Fenech

The artist’s work can be situated within contemporary styles that bring together neo-expressionistic aesthetics, elements of pop culture and imagery as well as a style reminscent of Raw Art with a high degree of emotional content. Falzon combines all these elements with a deeply felt intellectual and critical rationality to develop a personal, original and powerfully communicative visual language.

His ability to reference a wide diversity of influences and sources places his work within contexts that are familiar to his audience. Falzon’s work demands engagement, but does not provide comfortable answers.

This exhibition is supported by Heritage Malta and Spazju Kreattiv.

Ryan Falzon — Quick Fix: a morality tale
friday 15 January – Wednesday 3 February 2016

Ryan Falzon
Curator: Michael Fenech
Location: Heritage Malta, Melita Street, Valletta
Opening: Friday 15th Jan, 7.30 pm
Artist website