WHITE SHEETS, a collective exhibition of 48 tattoo artists curated by Federica Madonna

Inaugurates the 19th of October at the Parione9 Gallery in Rome White Sheets, a collective exhibition curated by Federica Madonna.

Artist: Rino Valente

White Sheets, a group exhibition curated by Federica Madonna, puts together the works of forty-eight tattoo artists known in the foreign and Italian tattoo art scene.

Artist: Davide Andreoli

It seems like everything could be described, told or drawn on a white sheet of paper or a blank bedsheet. From this concept, White Sheets was born. Through the feeling of a glimpse laying down their surfaces, we all feel different emotions: someone could fear the emptiness, the silence; there’s whom could smell the fragrance of cleanliness, the hint of a new idea. The artists from White Sheets make apparent and express, through unique works in their own personal styles, the transition from their mind to a sheet of paper, from dream to reality, from the most intimate inspirations, to their most hidden perversions, exposing and opening themselves to the public.

Artist: Carlotta Cawa

Parione9 Art Gallery is a young art gallery in the heart of Rome. It was founded in 2014 by Marta Bandini and Elettra Bottazzi, with the aim to create an innovative space to promote art with an innovative approach to the world of Illustration and Tattoo Art.

Artist: Emiliano Gyaivia


(Source: Parione9)